Do you know about RobotPy?

RobotPy I have been spending the past few weeks exploring and understanding the RobotPy project. My old/current (mentoring) robotics team 1915 is utilizing RobotPy to program their robot. I have been aiding remotely, through some occasional daily video chats with the programming to team. I am trying to understand the various parts of the RobotPy project so I can be able to develop a good understanding of the various components of the project and see ways in which I can better help the team and also contribute to the project.

The RobotPy community is pretty good and even though it is very small, there is daily progress from the RobotPy team. Their irc channel on freenode #robotpy is always lively and welcoming.

I have been reading through most of the documentations and on some parts I am a lot more confident in what's going on. I've particularly looking at the wpilib api documentation and comparing it to the RobotPy wpilib implementation throughout this past week. There are still parts which are confusing but I am slowly but surely working my way to them. I hope to better understand the underlining principles behind the core wpilib so as to better understand the other aspects of the project. At least I think it'd help me accomplish that.

Overall, the RobotPy project is an amazing project and I plan on continuing my exploration of it and hopefully be able to make some valuable contributions in the near future.

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