Basic Teams support for FIRSTMastery

This past week I have spent a good amount of time working on Teams support for FIRSTMastery. I have only worked on the basic components for Teams so far, and there still remains a lot more to be done. A critical part of the platform is to allow teams to keep track of their team members activities, as well as recommend lessons, courses or tracks for them to work on.

Next steps are to allow existing users to join teams, keeping track of team member activities, and allow team admins to propose lesson, course, track recommendations. Additions of these features would help reach the requirements for Teams support for the current Milestone.

One of the many features I anticipate would be in the list of things to do for Teams support in the Milestone (potentially v2) is team activity notifications. As for now however, the focus is to finish the current Milestone.

*hfoss weekly update