HFOSS Quiz #1

Humanitarian Free and Open Source Software

Spring 2016, Quiz #1

1) What is the name of the version control system we use in this course?


Bonus: Give the name for another version control system.


2) We refer to sites that host source code as "forges". What is the name of
the primary forge used in this course?

A: Github

3) So, rearrange these to make the best matches:

A) Andrew Tannenbaum d) Minix
B) Linus Torvalds c) Linux
C) Bruce Perens a) Debian Free Software Guidelines
D) Richard Stallman b) Free Software Foundation/Gnu Project

4) We discussed several concepts involving rights, restrictions, and
licensing. Match the term on the left with the most appropriate description
on the right.

A) trademark b) lasts as long as used & defended
B) copyright c) life of the author plus 70 years
C) patent a) 20 year term

D) trademark f) protects consumers from confusing one product with another
E) copyright d) arises as soon as a work takes tangible form
F) patent e) precedence is given to the first to file an application

5) I've presented "the four R's" as a shorthand for the freedoms attached to
software for it to be considered "free and open source". List or describe
each. (If you cannot remember the "r term" I use, but can describe the
freedom involved, that also counts.)

  1. run - binary

  2. read

  3. rewrite, revise

  4. redistribution