Meeting for HFOSS Project

Earlier this week, I sat down with Justin and Stephen to discus our OLPCs project for HFOSS. During our conversation, we narrowed down on what we should work on for the project and as a result we came up with Geography + Math (4th grade level).

US Geography + Math

The idea was, if you have have a car and starting from one state, you now have an option to move to any neighboring states. In order to do this however, you'd need to do Math. Each neighboring state has an addition or subtraction problem which you must answer. Depending on the one you select and get correct you drive to that state. Once you are there, you are asked questions about the state. This will go on and on until you finish the game.

Meeting Two updates

We have decided to aim for a simpler problem first and make it challenging as we continue to make progress. It will primarily be about fractions with major parts inspired by Zoombinis.

*hfoss weekly update