Bitcamp 2016

Bitcamp 2016 was my spring break. We departed from RIT around 3pm, made 1 stop on the way and finally made it to UMD at around 10pm. It was a fun ride, full of scenery.

By the time we had arrived at Bitcamp it was packed with people, and a number of them were lining up to checkout the new Oculus Gears. I found the table at which my teammate was sitting and we chatted for about an hour and then realized we no longer wanted to work on the projects we had in mind.

Instead I decided to continue work on school projects while at the Hackathon and visit home during the weekend. After visiting home, cyzachar, jflory7, cydrobolt and I toured the National Mall and eventually returned to the hackathon.

Many people were planning on staying up all night until Sunday morning to get their projects finished. By morning things started picking up; it was breakfast, then submissions deadline, judging and next thing you know closing ceremony.

We departed UMD and headed back to RIT. We were welcomed back late at night with a Snowfall. :)

*HFOSS Meetup 4