BrickHack II

It was late Friday night and we had just finished moving the final boxes to the field house. A couple of hours from now would be BrickHack II, I thought to myself. And shortly after the day had arrived.

After weeks of planning, it was time to see how things would turn out. In my mind, it was 7am just 10 minutes before it was 9am!! The volunteers had arrived and we had just finished debriefing them. 30 minutes later, hackers began entering the venue and within another 30 minutes to an hour the venue was almost full of hackers and the commencement talks were about to start. BrickHack II was underway.

Being a part of the organizing team gave me a different view of a hackathon than I'd typically get as a participant. I got to see the "things are not going according to plan", "why is the food early", "why is the food late", "why are people getting in line early" side of the hackathon.

The first day had past, and the second day was just getting started. It was the day we were most worried about. We would only have a third of the field house and there would be intramural soccer games going on in the other portion. It turned out not to be as terrible as anticipated, however. Shortly after, it was closing ceremony time and everyone had left the field house for the award ceremony.

And then came the end of BrickHack II. Although there were lots of things going wrong in the background, it was worth all the effort. In the end it was great seeing and hearing from people who had enjoyed the event and intended to return next year for BrickHack III. And most of all, I enjoyed and greatly appreciated working with my friends/fellow organizers and I look forward to the next BrickHack.

*HFOSS Meetup 3