A new server!

This is the third time (I think). I use to run this Blog in the past on OpenShift v2. Ever since the new version of OpenShift came out, my blog had been down and I did not take the time to set things back up. Earlier this winter I tried to set things up with the newer version of OpenShift but it turned out a bit more complicated than I anticipated. There was a lot of pieces that needed to be in place to get my simple blog server up and running, so I decided to pushed it aside for later. It also wasn't that important at the time so I wasn't too worried.

This spring semester, I needed a blog up and running to post some things for class so I decided to go ahead and set it up again. This time around I decided to go with using my vps. It was much more fun and easy setup.

I am running a Ghost instance, same as last time. It's pretty easy to setup if you follow the guides on the ghost website. It walks you through all the steps that are needed, to get ghost working. It took me less than an hour to get everything up and running. Most of the time was spent setting up the server and once everything was good to go I went ahead and setup Ghost according to the guide. If you decide to do something similar make sure to take a look at the SSL options (Strongly recommend!). They have a good guide to help you going with Let's Encrypt.

I have the backup of my old blog server so when I get the chance I will atempt to restore some of the posts here. I have a feeling though that it won't amount to any good because I can't remember what password I used at the time when I first set it up. Let's see how that turns out.

Now though, I have a brand new server up and running and will be continuing with new stories going forward! If you are curious about what posts I had on my blog in the past, I think there is some stuff available on the Internet Archive.

As always I'll be writting about things once in a while ( in accordance with the blog name :P ). The posts will mostly be short posts about projects I am doing or other things I am doing. And the occasional academic post when needed. I will add Disqus later so that I can get feedback on the posts. This was something that I did not do previously because I didn't think too much about it. I hope that with feedback, I will be able improve my writting as well as make the reading experience a pleasant one.

Let's see how this goes!

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