A Rack plugin

This semester, I am working on a small Video Synthesizer plugin for VCVRack. VCVRack is an Open Source virtual modular synthesizer.
Working on this is primarily a learning experience for me and a good entry point into modular synthesizers. Some of the inspirations for this project were drawn from Sandin Vidsynth and 5 Minute Romp thru the IP. These two resources have helped be to better understand what Video Synthesizers are. "5 Minute Romp thru the IP" gives a great intro to what Modular Synthesizers look like, where as Sandin explains the ins and out of how the hardware implementation of a Video Synthesizer works.

This is my first time working with VCVRack and so it is still a continuing learning experience for me. I'll be writting some articles about things I've learned and am still learning about Rack project as I continue along working on my video synthesizer project.

Getting started with Rack has been pretty straight forward so far, I started out by following they're tutorial. After getting Rack to compile on my machine I went ahead and downloaded the template plugin to explore how plugins work with Rack. There is also lots of other example projects to look at as references. I have been using some of them to find solutions as to better understand things I don't understand. The Rack organization on Github has a few plugins available to look at. Some of the other Rack plugins are also available online. Some of them are listed on the Rack website. The ones that have the source code available should have a source link next to them that takes you to their repo. I have found that jeremywen's JW-Modules is a treasure trove of cool modules. There is a lot of modules within that are graphics related, which I have found to be really useful. There is a lot of examples in there to learn from work a look if you want to learn more about the capabilities of Rack.

"A picture is worth a thousand words." I came up with a few diagram of the Video Synthesizer project to make it easier for me to understand the project as a whole, and also to share with others who are interested in my project.

Input Sources


Filters and Output Sources


I will be writting a few follow up posts to explain these in depth as well as how the project is progressing. I will also include in these posts some of the decisions I have made and why I've made them.

PS: I am still learning about this as I go along so feel free to correct me if you noticed anything wrong. Thank you!

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